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S.R. 3
Senator Atkins  
Standing Rules of the Senate for the 2021–22 Regular Session
Enrolled 1/13/2021 PDF  
    Monday, February 22, 2921 the Senate voted to suspend the “30-day in print”
rule contained in the state Constitution, for the 2021 Legislative Session.  
S.B. 112
Introduced 1/8/2021
Nancy Skinnner (D-9)
As Introduced, SB 112 is the Budget Act of 2021.
Note: Animal Items, 2021
S.B. 235
Introduced 1/19/2021  
Ben Allen (D-26) Santa
Assembly Co-Author
Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
(D-4) Winters
As introduced, SB 235 would
As amended in Senate, March 1, 2021

Senate Com on Health Policy Analysis, March 8, 2021   
Amended in Senate, April 6, 2021     
Dual referres:
SEN Com on Health
Hrg 3/10 pass 11-0
Com on Agriculture
Hrg 4/15
S.B. 252
Introduced 1/25/2021
Scott Weiner (D-11)
San Francisco,
Northern San Mateo

Added by 2/25
Coauthors: Assembly
Members Bloom and

As introduced, SB 252 would have prohibited bear hunting as The Bear
Protection Act but was "withdrawn" in response to opposition.
Procedures to allow amendment, February 22, 2021  
As gutted and amended in Senate, February 25, 2021 would be the Protection
of Dogs and Cats from Unnecessary Testing Act and add to the Civil Code a
new §1834.9.3 to prohibit a contract testing facility from conducting a canine or
feline toxicological experiment in this state unless the experiment is conducted
for 6 specified purposes covered by federal law and also exempts "to testing or
experimentation conducted for the purpose of developing, manufacturing, or
marketing any product intended solely for use in nonhuman animals, including,
but not limited to, animal vaccines, animal medicine, or flea and tick products
intended to be applied only to nonhuman animals."
Amended in Senate, March 15, 2021 to remove the term "contract testing
facility," and add a new term, “Testing facility” means any partnership,
corporation, association, school, institution, organization, or other legal
relationship, whether privately or government owned, leased, or operated, that
tests chemicals, ingredients, product formulations, or products in this state.

Senate Com on Judiciary Policy Analysis, April 1, 2021    

See 2020 AB 2059 (Kamerlager) would have created the Protection of Dogs
from Unnecessary Testing Act by adding to the Civil Code a new §1834.9.3
was held under submission in Suspense File of Assembly Appropriations.
SEN Committee on
Hrg 4/6   pass 7-1(3)

To SEN Approps

Fiscal Committee  
S.B. 344
Introduced 2/9/21
Robert M. Hertzberg
(D-18) Van Nuys  
As introduced, SB 344 would add to the Health & Safety Code, Chapter on
California Emergency Solutions and Housing Program [50490 - 50490.5] a new
§50491 mandating the Department of Housing and Community Development to
develop and administer a program to award grants to qualified homeless
shelters for the provision of shelter, food, and basic veterinary services for pets
owned by people experiencing homelessness in accordance with specified
Senate Committee on Housing Policy Analysis, March 15, 2021      
Amended in Senate, March 22, 2021 to add to the Health and Safety Code,
Division 31, Part 2, a new Chapter 3.6, commencing with §50535, with (a) and
(b) from the introduced bill with new (c) and (d.  )
CHAPTER  3.6. Homeless Shelters: Pets and Veterinary Services
(a) The department shall develop and administer a program to award grants to
qualified homeless shelters for the provision of shelter, food, and basic
veterinary services for pets owned by people experiencing homelessness.
(b) For purposes of this section, a “qualified homeless shelter” means a
homeless shelter that meets or commits to meeting all of the following
(1) It has rules of conduct and responsibility regarding pets and their owners.
(2) It provides crates or kenneling either near bunks or in a separate area.
(3) It provides food for both people experiencing homelessness and their pets.
(4) It offers the services of a veterinarian, including spay and neutering services.
(c) The department may use up to 5 percent of the funds appropriated in the
annual Budget Act for the purposes of this section for its costs in administering
the program authorized by this section.
(d) The department may implement the program through the issuance of forms,
guidelines, and one or more notices of funding availability, as the department
deems necessary, to exercise the powers and perform the duties conferred on
it by this chapter. Any forms, guidelines, and notices of funding availability
adopted pursuant to this section are hereby exempted from the rulemaking
provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act (Chapter 3.5 (commencing with
Section 11340) of Part 1 of Division 3 of Title 2 of the Government Code).
Senate Com on Appropriations fiscal analysis, April 2, 2021  

See 2019 SB 258  held in Assembly Appropriations Suspense File   
SEN Committee on Housing
3/18  on adjournment of AG
pass 8-0

SEN Approps  Hrg 4/5

Fiscal Committee
S.B. 547
Steven M. Glazer (D-7)
Coauthors: Senators
Borgeas, Caballero,
Dodd, Hurtado, Nielsen,
and Wilk
Coauthor: Assembly
Member Aguiar-Curry

Sponsors: California
California Veterinary
Medical Association
As introduced, SB 547 would add to Food & Agricultural Code, Division 14.8
Animals a new §32100 et seq for the California Animal Response Emergency
System program, to be developed by the University of California, Davis, School
of Veterinary Medicine, only to the extent made applicable by resolution by the
Regents. The program would assist in the coordination and training of a
network of government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and
individuals to assist in the evacuation and care of household and domestic
animals and livestock in emergencies and also conduct or support research on
best practices for the evacuation and care of the animals in disasters.
Amended in Senate, March 11, 2021, to add to the description of the program,"
including disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation;" and add
to the state's disaster response, "the deployment of participants of the program’
s network during disasters."
Senate Com on Agriculture Policy Analysis, March 15, 2021   
Senate Com on Education Policy Analysis, April 5, 2021    

See 2020 SB 1239 (Glazer)
SEN Dual referred
(Referral to Com. on
G.O. rescinded because
of the limitations placed
on committee hearings
due to ongoing health
and safety risks of the
COVID-19 virus.)

SEN Com on Agriculture
pass 5-0

SEN Com on Education
Hrg 4/7
 pass 7-0     

SEN Approps  Hrg 4/19

Fiscal Committee  
A.B. 585
Henry Stern (D-27) Los

Sponsor: Paw Project
As gutted and amended on March 10 from a different bill by Senator Jones, AB
585 would prohibit declawing of a domestic cat.
Senate Com on Business, Professions & ED, policy analysis, April 1, 2021  
SEN  Dual referred:
Com on
Bus, Profs & ED
Hrg 4/5
, Removed from
, 1st hrg cancelled,
author request

Com on Judiciary
Fiscal Committee
H.R. 1
Introduced 12/7/2020
Standing Rules of the Assembly for the 2021–22 Regular Session   
Per usage and custom, the previous session Joint Rules apply until
Joint Rules are passed for the current session
Joint Rules of Senate and Assembly  
Joint Sunset Review
Oversight Hearings

Assembly Committee
on Business and
Professions and the
Senate Committee on
Business, Professions
and Economic
The Veterinary Medical Board Sunset Review, postponed from 2020, is set for
hearing on March 3, 2020, and the
Background Paper has been updated to
Oversight Review
Hearing 3/2/2021
A.B. 214
Introduced 1/8/2021
Phil Ting (D-19) San
As introduced, AB 214 is the Budget Act of 2021   
Note: Animal Items, 2021
A.B. 121
introduced 12/18/20
Chris R. Holden (D-41)
As introduced, AB 121 would amend Food and Agricultural Code §30505,    
§30524.5,  §31751.4 and  §31764.5 regarding public animal shelters' fees for
adoption of dogs or cats to prohibit charging a fee if any of these provisions are
:(1) An active duty military service member who presents to the public animal
shelter a current military identification card.
(2) A former military service member who presents to the public animal shelter
a DD Form 214 verifying military service.
(3) A former military service member who presents to the public animal shelter
a current and valid driver’s license or identification card with the word
“VETERAN” printed on its face pursuant to Section 12811 of the Vehicle Code.
Amended in Assembly, February 22, 2021 to delete from sections 2, 3, 4 and 5,
subsection 2 "A former military service member who presents to the public
animal shelter a DD Form 214 verifying military service" and renumbers original
subsection (3) to (2.) with conforming chages to "either" instead of any,

Author's Press Release, December 21, 2020    
ASM Com on Business &

Fiscal Committee
A.B. 253
Introduced 1/14/2021
James Patterson (R-23)
As introduced, AB 253 would amend Penal Code §599aa amend Penal Code
covering animals and birds seized pursuant to an animal fighting investigation,
subsection (e) allows a custodian, when ownership cannot be determined, to
petition the court to permit euthanasia or other disposition of the animals and
advertise in a "newspaper of general circulation," amend this to "newspaper,
online or in print, of general circulation, a social media outlet belonging to a law
enforcement agency or a county or appropriate local governmental entity or a
law enforcement internet website."
ASM Committe on Public Safety Policy Analysis, March 22, 2021       
Assembly Floor Analysis, March 30, 2021   

See 2020 AB 3035, same topic, was heard in Assembly Committee on Public
Safety and passed to the Senate Floor but never votes due to Covid-19
priorities. AB 258 is identical to AB3035 and is well described in the
Assembly Floor Analysis.
ASM Committee on
Public Safety  Hrg 3/23
1:30 pm   
pass 5-2(1)

Assembly 3rd Rdg 4/8

Not Fiscal  
A.B. 258
Introduced 1/15/2021  
Carlos Villapudua
(D-13) Stockton
Coauthors: Assembly
Members Nazarian,
Santiago, and Ward
Coauthor: Senator
As introduced, AB 258 would add to the Health & Safety Code a new §50801.6
add a section to existing law providing for emergency housing to allow a
homeless person to keep one dog or cat in the emergency shelter or
transitional housing being provided under the Emergency Housing and
Assistance Program authorized by Health and Safety Code Sections 50800 -
Gutted and amended in Assembly, March 22, 2021 to amend Welfare and
Institutions Code §8255 and §8256.1 to add to the Housing First program, a
provision for 'interim housing;"  for low barriers as best practices to reduce
barriers to entry to include "the acceptance of pets" in the requirements; and to
set dates for adoption of these new provisions.  

Integrated Text, California 2021 AB 258 (Villapudua)  29 January, 2021
Author's  Press Release, January 22, 2021
Dual referred:
ASM Committee on
Housing and Community
Development   Hrg 4/15

ASM Committee on

Fiscal Committee
A.B. 384  
Introduced 2/2/2021
Ash Kalra (D-27) San
As introduced, AB 384 would amend existing Business and Professions Code
Sections as follows: Veterinary Practice Act  
§4883, subsection (q) to add to
discussing, "or recommending cannabis for medicinal use;" and  §4884 add a
new subsection to read, "(d) On or before January 1, 2023, the board shall
adopt guidelines for veterinarians to follow when recommending cannabis
within the veterinarian-client-patient relationship. The board shall post the
guidelines on its internet website." Also amending the Medicinal and Adult-Use
Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) Bus & Profs Code
adding a new definition, "(c) “Animal” has the same meaning as defined in
Section 4825.1, but does not include a food animal as described Section
4825.1, or livestock, as described under Section 14205 of the Food and
Agricultural Code;" adding additional language to the definition of "Cannabis
concentrate," A cannabis concentrate is not considered food, as defined by
Section 109935 of the Health and Safety Code, a processed pet food, as
defined by Section 113025 of the Health and Safety Code;" adding addition
language to the definition of "cannabis products" -- "and includes cannabis
products intended for use on an animal;" adding additional language to the
definition of “Edible cannabis product” the word "animal" in addition to human
and that it is not "a processed pet food, as defined by Section 113025 of the
Health and Safety Code." Additionally adds to Bus & Profs Code
§26130 a new
subsection "(e) If the cannabis product is intended for medicinal use on, or for
consumption by, an animal, the cannabis product shall also conform with any
additional relevant standards established by the department through
regulations." Finally, Section 5 of the bill recites, " The Legislature finds and
declares that this act furthers the purposes and intent of the Control, Regulate
and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act of 2016."
Amended in Assembly, March 30, 2021 to make minor, clarifying amendments:
changing "medicinal" to "potential therapeutic effect or health supplementation"
in bill Sections 2 and 4; and in Section 3 defining "animal" as excepting
livestock and food animals, a clarifying style change.  

See 2018 AB 2215 Kalra          
NOTE: Adult Use of Marijuana Act of 2016 (AUMA) authorizes legislative
amendment of its provisions with a 2/3 vote of both houses, without
submission to the voters, to further its purposes and intent.
ASM Com on Business &
  Hrg 4/13

Fiscal Committee

A.B. 468
Introduced 2/8/2021
Laura Friedman (D-43)
As introduced, AB 468 would add to Health and Safety Code Division 105, Part
6, Chapter 5 Sale of Dogs and Cats, a new Article 4, Emotional Support Dogs
and amend Penal Code §365.7 adding criminal offense classification and
punishment for support dog offenses set forth in the new Health & Safety Code
Article 4.  
As amended in Assembly, March 22, 2021 to delete amendment to Penal Code
§365.7, thereby removing the criminal offense from the bill and adding to the
Health and Safety Code proposed Article 4 a new §122319 to comprise a
complete civil penalty section for the Article including the misrepresentation of
an emotional support dog as being entitled to the status of the “guide, signal, or
service dog” provision in the Penal Code.
Amended in Assembly, April 6, 2021 to add to proposed Health & Safety Code
a new subsection (c) Nothing in this section shall be construed to
restrict or change existing federal and state law related to a person’s rights for
reasonable accommodation and equal access to housing, including, but not
limited to, rights afforded under the California Fair Employment and Housing
Act (Chapter 1 (commencing with Section 12900) of Part 2.8 of Division 3 of Title
2 of the Government Code), the Unruh Civil Rights Act (Section 51 of the Civil
Code), and the Disabled Persons Act (Part 2.5 (commencing with Section 54) of
Division 1 of the Civil Code).

See 2020 AB 2888       
Dual referred:
Committee on
Public Safety   Hrg 3/23  
1:30 pm
Hrg postponed
by Committee

3/25 Re-referred (ASM
Rule 96, remove from
com, transfer) to:

Committee on
Business & Professions

Hrg 4/13  

Fiscal Committee

Note, amendment
removed jurisdiction
of Public Safety Com.
A.B. 553
Introduced 2/10/2021
Sidney Kamerlager
(D-54) Los Angeles
As introduced, AB 553 would amend and add to the Insurance Code, Division 2
(Classes of Insurance,) PART 9. Pet Insurance [12880 - 12880.6] to require a
policy of pet insurance that is marketed, issued, amended, renewed, or
delivered, whether or not in California, to a California resident, on or after July 1,
2015, regardless of the situs of the contract or master group policyholder, or the
jurisdiction in which the contract was issued or delivered to cover “Sterilization
surgery” defined to mean a surgical procedure that intentionally renders the pet
unable to reproduce, including, an ovariohysterectomy, orchiectomy,
hysterectomy, vasectomy, or ovariectomy, for a policy issued, amended, or
renewed on or after January 1, 2022 at no extra charge or co-pay.
ASM Committee on
Insurance   Hrg 4/15  
introduced 2/16/2021
Miguel Santiago (D-53)
Los Angeles  

Sponsor: Social
Compassion in
As introduced, AB 702 would mandate locally issued breeding permits for dogs
and cats as specified, adding to Division 105, Part 6 of the Health & Safety
Code a new Chapter 8.5, Breeder Permitting Programs for Cats and Dogs,
starting with §122336.

Social Compassion in Legislation Press Release on AB 702   
2007 AB 1634  2008 AB 1634   2009 AB 250   2010 SB 210     2018 A.R.C.
See 1998 SB 2102 (Rosenthal) opposed by Dept of Consumer Affairs
1997 SB 621 (Rosenthal) original local mandate, hearings cancelled
See our
State Statutes Regulating Pet Breeding page for comparison of
statutory structures in the states with state level breeder law.
ASM Com on Business
and Professions
Hrg 4/27

Fiscal Committee
State mandated local
A.B. 1282
Introduced 2/19/2021
Richard Bloom (D-50)
Santa Monica
Co-author: Senate
Scott Wilk (R-21) Santa
As introduced, AB 1283 would be the California Pet Blood Bank Modernization
Act intended to end closed colony dog donors and bring the operation
exclusively under the scope of veterinary practice.

Press Release   
See 2020 SB 1115 (Wilk)
Dual referred:
Com on Bus & Profs
Hrg 4/20

ASM Com on Agriculture

Fiscal Committee
State-Mandated Local
A.B. 1535
Introduced 2/19/2021
Committee on Business
& Professions  
As introduced, AB 1535, would address Veterinary Medical Board issues. Due
to Covid-19 adjustments, the Sunset Review to have been held in 2020 was not
held. The Joint Sunset Review Oversight Hearing is being held  March 3, 2021.
Background Paper has been updated to 2021.  
ASM Committee on
Business and Profession

Hrg 4/27   

Fiscal Committee

January 4, Monday, Legislature reconvenes - moved to January 11 due to Covid case surge

January 18, Monday, Last day to submit bill requests to the Office of Legislative Counsel.
February 19, Friday, Last day for bills to be introduced
March 25, Thursday, Spring Recess begins upon adjournment.
April 5, Monday, Legislature reconvenes from Spring Recess
April 30, Friday, Last day for policy committees to meet and report to fiscal committees fiscal bills
introduced in their house
May 7, Friday, Last day for policy committees to meet and report to the floor non-fiscal bills
introduced in their house