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THE ANIMAL COUNCIL is among the American Kennel Club Federations of Dog Clubs and Other Allied
Groups, representing California

January 2008 -  TAC President Sharon A. Coleman receives the AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship 2007 Award from
American Chesapeake Club, presented for the Club by Alexandra Starr at the Golden Gate Kennel Club show at the
Cow Palace, Daly City, California.  

May 2007 -  TAC President Sharon A.. Coleman and Emeritus Director Judith A. Brecka lobby in Sacramento.  

November 2005 -  TAC President Sharon A. Coleman and Board Member Karen Johnson were presenters on the
Public Affairs Panel of the 12th Annual Conference of the Cat Writers Association, Inc.  The panel was moderated by
Steve Dale and covered an overview of controversial issues and current trends in animal related laws, which will give
writers the tools to raise public awareness of legislative issues.  The presenters' outlines and other material is
available at the CWA website
http://catwriters.com/wp_meow/past-events/  Scroll down to 2005 CONFERENCE, FOSTER
CITY, CA (in conjunction with CFA CAT SHOW)
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