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CITY OF BERKELEY   The Berkeley Citizens Humane Commission meets monthly.

CITY OF OAKLAND     Oakland Animal Services              Oakland Municipal Code             new links 6/08
report and recommendations on shelter operations.  11/1/07 A community meeting with new shelter director Adam
Parascandola will be held Monday 11/12, 7-8:30 pm, Park Blvd. Presbyterian Church, 4102 Park Blvd. - hosted by City
Council President Ignacio De La Fuente and the Oakland Animal Welfare Group (OAWG)

BUTTE COUNTY:     Animal Control     (pop 210,500, 5 incorporated cities: Chico, Oroville, Gridley, Biggs & Paradise)
4/8/08  Butte County Board of Supervisors agenda Item 5.02 included a total revision of the county animal ordinance and
fees (unaltered dog licensed up to $40/yr from $20).  
4/9/08 The Board had sought a remedy for a neighbor cat nuisance
complaint rather than this total revision, which was sent back for additional consideration.
5/9/08 At its 5/6/08 meeting, the BOS approved on first reading the proposed ordinance revisions for barking dogs,
allowing citation on only one complaining party but reduced the numbers of cats allowed for parcels 1 acre or more from
proposed  fewer than 12 over 3 mos. to only fewer than 8 and parcels under 1 acre from proposed fewer than 8 to only
fewer than 6.  Shelters, nonprofit humane societies and licensed vets would be exempt, but currently, there is no
provision for (cattery) permitting above these numbers.  A second reading is required.
 5/15/08 BOS agenda for Tuesday,
Item 3.22 is the final adoption of this ordinance, but the amended version appears to leave the cattery
prohibition for parcels of one acre or more at 12 (not reduced as reported) but lowered to 6 for parcels under one acre,
effectively limits of 11 and 5 cats over 3 mos., respectively.  5/24/08  BOS deferred action on 5/20 and continued matter
to 6/24/08 BOS meeting, pending meeting of interested parties.  
7/4/08 Report to BOS at 6/24/08 meeting reflecting the
facilitated public meeting on June 4 attended by 100 citizens with the BOS Animal Ordinance Subcommittee.  

TOWN OF PARADISE:  Introduced, addition to draft approved, unanimous roll call, new dangerous animal ordinance
(excepting dog assisting peace officer engaged in law enforcement duties) replacing use of state dangerous dog law
and court hearing procedure with local administrative hearing.   
Final adoption 7/15 08.    Ordinance    

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY     Government Link  
1/8/11  2010 BOS Public Protection Committee Referral, MSN "Pit Bulls", or all dogs.  1/23/11 Pub Prot Com Special Mtg,
Mon., Jan. 24, 2011, 11 AM, considered MSN on impound, all dogs.  
Report  (Note, AS Director was Oakland director when
similar ordinance enacted there.)   
12/30/15  Beth Ward is appointed Director of Animal Services.  

FRESNO COUNTY     Animal Control    Info avail, Español, Hmong
Fresno County unincorporated completed its amendments in December, 2005 with an increased unaltered dog
license of $39; breeding regulations incorporated within the unaltered dog license and minor restrictions on
transfers of dogs and cats.             
License Fees         Ordinance changes

CITY OF FRESNO at its March 28, 2006 (minutes including council discussion) City Council meeting introduced 2
ordinances -  Exhibit A regarding dangerous dogs, spay/neuter on multiple impounds and higher feel unaltered dog
license at 5 months incorporating breeding restrictions and the other, Exhibit B, requiring sterilization of all dogs over 6
months and in the city over 30 days unless exempt for medical reasons, owner has applied for a breeding permit or dog
is  "show quality" AKC or UKC (only) registered and "conforms" to the breeding permit guidelines.  Exhibit B had quietly
added an undefined "guardian" term, as well.   According to the Fresno Bee, the Council voted unanimously to
introduce the at large and dangerous dog provisions and 5-2 for breeding and sales restrictions.  The Executive
Director of the Central California SPCA, the contract animal control provider had recommended Exhibit A and against
Exhibit B.  The "Exhibit A" ordinances were on the consent calendar for the April 4 City Council meeting.  
Updated 7/1/06  
April 4, the City Council adopted the "Exhibit A" Dangerous Dog (9-224) provisions on the Consent Calendar and the
"Exhibit A" Section 9-225 provisions by vote of 6-1.

HUMBOLDT COUNTY    Population: 135,000, rural, coastal, 7 incorporated cities:  Eureka  Arcata  Fortuna  Rio Dell  Ferndale  Blue Lake  

NEW 4/29/07 HUMBOLDT COUNTY Board of Supervisors agenda May 1, 2007 again presents for introduction the
Sheriff's Department
mandatory spay/neuter ordinance of dogs and cats at 4 months (exemptions for designated or
acceptable registries, service, law enforcement, proven hunting/livestock, SAR, boarding trainers/resellers or medical).  
4th violation is misdemeanor, up to 6 mos jail and/or up to $1,000 fine.  No permit process included.
Updated 5/2/07 BOS tabled ordinance indefinitely pending outcome of AB 1634 but resolved to support AB 1643
requiring a permit process.   

Fortuna  Pop 12,000  Animal Services operated by civilian employees within the police department.  David E. Tranberg,
Fortuna City Attorney, submitted a request for Attorney General Opinion asking questions about legal authority for dog
licensing and enforcement.  
Case 14-603 is pending.  1/10/15     2/12/17 Opinion No. 14-603 was published on October 21,
2015, analyzing and answering the submitted questions: state law authorizes cities to adopt comprehensive dog license
and fee ordinances, and Food and Agriculture Code section 30951 does not prevent  the City of Fortuna from enforcing
its dog licensing program or exempt a dog owner from complying with its licensing requirements.

KERN COUNTY                           ANIMAL CONTROL SERVICES DIVISION       Animal Laws
Lock v. County of Kern (Kern County Case No. 254024) filed in 2004 and tried in 2006 concerning the County's non-
compliance with the Hayden and Vincent mandates with the
Court granting the writ of mandate and injunctive relief.
KERN COUNTY UNINCORPORATED Board of Supervisors, in response to a high-profile presence of an alleged
"hoarding" situation, referred to
Kern County Animal Control Commission development of ordinance amendments
affecting facilities with large numbers of dogs, i.e. yet another visit to limit laws.  8/15/06  BOS Agenda included a
Request from Taxpayers for Responsible & Ethical Animal Treatment (TREAT), in conjunction with Animal Friends Rescue
Project (AFRP), to present mandatory spay/neuter ordinance proposal.  BOS referred the proposal to the Commission.
UPDATED 1/17/07 The MSN proposal discussion continues on the Commission agendas (see agendas/minutes on
commission site) but the proposed amendments for facilities are now in
draft form for future public workshops.  
UPDATED 4/28/07
Proposed ordinance amendments re limits, $75 unaltered dog license, breeding permit, S/N measures
for public comment in a series of 10
workshops starting May 16, 2007 in Bakersfield.  Updated 7/29/07  In response to
extensive public comment, Staff scaled back its original proposed amendments but added new proposals, yet to be fully  
considered, in a July 18, 1007
report to the Commission.  8/16/07 ACS August 2007 Report to BOS.    Staff Report to
Commission consolidating decisions made at September 19, 2007 meeting, under ongoing discussion.  11/25/07       
March 11, 2008  BOS meeting minutes under provision for referral to staff or take action to have staff place a matter of
business on a future agenda (Gov. Code Sec. 54954.2[a]), include "SUPERVISOR MAGGARD MADE A REFERRAL TO
1 Absent (McQuiston).  6/11/08  BOS (Rubio absent) rejected MSN/breeder permit option, staff directed to work on other
options and report back by August 26.  6/12/08 Extracted
minutes, 6/10 BOS meeting.  

LAKE COUNTY in June 2005 enacted a variant mandatory sterilization ordinance, effective June 1, 2006, that mandates
sterilization of all dogs and cats over 4 months unless exempt under any of the specified categories for which there is
no permit requirement or fee.  Also in effect in cities of Lakeport and Clearlake.    NEW 6/21/07

LOS ANGELES COUNTY:    BOS   NEW 8/16/15 Los Angeles county is a hodgepodge of animal services
providers for many different cities as well as many unincorporated areas.  To determine the status of a
particular city or area, check the
animal care comprehensive list first, then be sure the information is current.

Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care & Control  (new URL 8/07)
COUNTY OF LOS ANGELES Board of Supervisors at its January 31, 2006 meeting, approved a motion to  proceed with
a SB 861 permitted ordinance for spay/neuter and breeding restrictions for Pit Bulls and Rottweilers based on shelter
over-representation.   A September 2005
memorandum from Animal Care & Control Director Marcia Mayeda detailed the
County's dangerous dog enforcement approaches.   On Tuesday afternoon, February 21, the Board of Supervisors had
scheduled a public hearing on the
ordinance to require mandatory spay/neuter of Pit Bulls and Rottweilers without an
unaltered restricted dog license at $150 per dog per year based on a complex, contingent permit system with criminal
penalties for violation.  Instead, the Board accepted a recommendation from Director Mayeda to revise the proposal to
include ALL DOGS, abandoning the breed specific provisions.  The matter was continued to April 25.  
L.A. County dog bite data by breed, 2001-2005
L.A. County Pit Bull Identification Checklist     
L.A. County Rottweiler Breed Identification Checklist
General County info   Agendas
A press release of March 3 states that a public hearing and vote on an ordinance for s/n of ALL dogs will be held on April
18.  "There will be exemptions for medical problems, show dogs and other situations that are currently being
identified."   March 7 letter from Mayor Mike Antonovich    Director Mayeda's March 16, 2006 email describing ordinance
to be $60 unaltered dog license issued ONLY if law enforcement/service or assistance/"competition" dog and more.  
The April 18 BOS agenda item 76 for public hearing is:  "Hearing on proposed amendments to the County Code, Title 10 -
Animals, to  require that all dogs be implanted with an identifying microchip; to establish a  
Mandatory Spay and Neuter and Program for all dogs; to increase the annual  license fee for unaltered dogs from $30 to
$60; and to increase the annual license fee for altered dogs from $15 to $20. (Continued from meeting of  2-21-06)   (06-
0343) and as supplemented on 4/14. . . "altered dogs from $15 to $20; also approve appropriation adjustment in the
amount of $75,000 to be offset by unanticipated revenues funded by increased dog license fees.  (4-VOTES) (06-0343)  
Supporting Document which includes a letter from Mayeda detailing her rationale in addition to the ordinance.   
Ordinance passed 4-0, Supervisor Burke absent.  Minor technical amendments being made, back on May 2.   
transcript Item 76 testimony, April 18 hearing.  124 KB   May 2, 2006 BOS Agenda, Item 109 under Ordinances for Adoption
and Supervisor Antonovich's recommendation to send a five-signature letter to the Mayors of all cities within the
County urging adoption of a similar ordinance.   The ordinance was passed on May 3 and takes effect June 3.   
Excerpted transcript, Item 109, 5/2.  NEW 6/16/06    Board of Supervisors motion to extend the grace period for the dog
MSN/microchip ordinance by 6 months for dogs NOT impounded and enhance community outreach efforts (30 day report
back) (Knabe).   UPDATED 9/4/06  At the request of Supervisor Antonovich, this Item 79-B on the Supplemental Agenda
was HELD.  (Mo. by Knabe).    
2006 LA County Title 10, including MSN amendments, LA COUNTY CITIES' ACTION:  Updated
Adopting:  Agoura Hills, effective on 8/23/06, 6 mo. grace period;  La Puente, effective on 8/8/06, 3 mo. grace period;
Walnut,  effective 8/ 9/06, 3 mo. grace period.
Santa Clarita City Council at its 11/28/06 meeting introduced and unanimously passed on to a second reading on
December 12 of a proposed LA County conforming
ordinance  Council Directed staff to make one change to the
proposed language.  The change would keep microchipping as a mandatory process but would make it exempt from the
proposed $250/$1,000 fine should a dog owner not comply.  Dave Peterson, Manager of the Community Preservation
Division is the assigned staff person.  Adopted, effective January 11, 2007.  
Maywood 7/26/06, grace period ends 1/1/08
Inglewood 8/11/06 - grace period ends 1/1/08
Culver City 10/24/06, enforced, not eligible for low cost s/n vouchers, license fee schedule not adopted
La Habra Heights 11/06 - grace period ends 7/1/08
Bradbury, 1/18/07 - grace period ends 1/1/08
El Monte 5/17/07 - grace period ends 1/1/08 - MICROCHIPS/LICENSE FEES ONLY, MSN NOT ADOPTED
Compton 8/9/07 - grace period ends 1/1/08
San Fernando 9/5/07 - grace period ends 1/1/08, extended to 4/1/08
May 2008
Lancaster, January 2009, for restricted breeds, (Lancaster City Ordinance Title 6, Chapter 6.08)
January 2010  
Baldwin Park,
July 2012
Hidden Hills, October 2012  

LA County Rejecting Cities:  Covina, 9/19/06 City Council Agenda.  Staff Report & Mayeda Letter    11/2014 Monterey Park
changed its animal services contractor from San Gabriel Valley HS to DACC, adopting Title 10 but NOT dog MSN or cat
licensing into its Municipal Code; retained city limit, 2 dogs, 4 cats sfr, 3 total, 2 or more units.  Unanimously adopted,
11/5/2014 City Council meeting:
Documents.   Whittier (a current LA County contract city) City Council considered for
many months and unanimously rejected the LA County MSN provision at its August 11, 2015 meeting.

Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control 48
CONTRACT CITIES, effective July 2, 2015 (furnished via
communication with DACC)    

New 12/20/07 Nguyen v. County of Los Angeles (Los Angeles County Superior Court Case No. BS112581) is a petition for
writ of mandate and injunctive relief regarding alleged illegal practices by the Los Angeles County Department of Animal
Care and Control and its personnel.  (See Kern County for earlier case on this topic)  
For further information.  

Urban Wildlands Group vs City of Los Angeles, final judgment and permanent injunction in January 2010, prohibiting the
City from implementing a "trap, neuter, release" program for feral cats until it had concluded an appropriate
environmental review pursuant to CEQA.  

9/26/09  Ord. 2009-0017 § 18, 2009, adopted 6/2/09 removed removed some fees from Title 10 to be set by resolution and
made other clarifying changes to the ordinance.   Effective 8/1/09
new fees, adoptions, redemptions, vacs, s/n,
relinquishments & more.   9/22/09 BOS Agenda Item 7, deferred to 9/29/09, Item 58,
adopt ordinance amendment to
charge dog/cat owners $40 field enforcement (canvassing) fee for household w/o current licenses, adjust delinquent
fees for different license types to amounts of licenses and a number of clarifying changes.   Note, the hobby breeder
fee of $250, $175 renewal (many hobby breeders do not breed every year and do not need to renew) has been in effect
for several years (see 2006 Title 10 above) and is not changed by the current proposal or the
6/2/09 amendments to the
Fee Schedule, LA County Code Section 10.90.010.  
9/29/09 Ord. 2009-0043 adopted.
(Oct. 28, 2009 Regional Planning Commission
unanimously denied the project to amend these provisions directly into
the Zoning Code, Title 22.)  3/2010
LACC letter to Animal Facility licensees describes proposed amendments to Title 10
and Q&A mtgs 3/9, 3/10 following 9/09 amendments to Title 10 animal facilities definitions.   11/15/10 Additional meetings
were held in August and Sept., with a 3rd, Tuesday, November 30th, at 1 p.m., at Fire Station 129, 42110 6th St. West,
11/4/10 revised draft ordinance.  3/10/11 Final ord @BOS 3/15/11 mtg: Agenda Extracts -  Item 43 is to approve,
Item 53 is Introduction.  (Department reference FAQ document).  3/16/11 Approved.     2/17/15 BOS approves motion to
draft MSN provision for cats.  
9/1/15 County Counsel has completed the analysis and draft of the MSN cat provisions.  
10/18/15 LA County BOS Agenda Item 34, October 20, 2015 meeting, "and cats" MSN provision with "competition cat"
defintion (basis for an exemption.)  
Staff Letter.   

CITY OF BEVERLY HILLS  See entries on Property page.  

City of Lancaster (LA County) 1/28/09 City Council meeting adopted a modified LA County ordinance with deviating
amendments: changes "potentially dangerous dog, eliminates mandatory microchip for dogs and mandatory spay/neuter
for all dogs, but enacts a unique Food & Ag Code Section 31683 enabled breed specific
ordinance, for the first time in
California including Rottweilers with APBTs, AmStaffs and Staffy Bulls.  

CITY OF LONG BEACH (L.A. County) 2006, amended its long time prohibition on dog breeding to an ordinance of
first impression in mandating spay/neuter of all cats over 4 months without a medical exemption; allowing dog breeding
(1 litter per year) under a complex permit requiring a personal background check with results acceptable to the Police
Chief; and transfer permits for any dog not covered by a breeding permit and any cat other than rescue organizations
tax exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(3).  Fees for these permits will be determined by the City Council rather than set by
ordinance.  Fines are $350-700 for the first violation and $700-1,000 subsequent.   The
Ordinance passed unanimously, 7-
11/16/14 City Council, 11/18/14 agenda item 8, recommendation to City Mgr, Atty to return w/n 90 days drafts: 1) MSN
dogs unless medical exemption or breeding permit; 2) recommendations for support/implementation; 3) prohibit sale of  
dogs, cats or rabbits in any pet shop, retail business, or other commercial establishment, unless they were (1) obtained
from the city animal shelter, humane society, or nonprofit rescue organization or (2) bred on the premises possessing a
breedi/1ng permit.  
Staff Report 11/18/14 including 2009. 2010 reports.  (Note, 2010, adopted cat licensing, no unaltered
licenses, i.e. MSN all cats.)
11/20/14 Adopted 8-0.  Minutes pending.  2/25/15 City Council 3/3/15, Agenda Item 31, report
and ordinance, dog MSN >8mos w/o exemption, also allow exemptions for documented, registered cats of approved
breed.  1st reading.  
3/2/2015  Matter withdrawn for 3/3, put over to 3/10/15 Council Agenda Item #17 to allow Brown Act
notice for revised draft: MSN cats>4 mos, no exemption other than veterinary for cats; MSN dogs >6 mos.  
rev 3/10/15    Agenda, 3/10/15   3/11/15 Ord passed, 6-0, 2 absent.  3/10/15 Minutes w/amendment, pages 9-12.      
3/17/15 Final vote, passed 7-1.  

CITY OF LOS ANGELES                   City of Los Angeles Department of Animal Services   new 9/8/15
City of Los Angeles Municipal Code,  Click on Chapt V Public Safety & Protection, See Art. 3
Department of Animal Services 3rd Quarter FY 2006 Report details a number of legislative initiatives, actions and
concerns in which the Department of Animal Services is involved.  These include mandatory sterilization comparable to
Los Angeles County.  
City of L.A. Department of Animal Services.  The Board of Animal Services Commissioners new link
6/23/07 at its
June 12, 2006 meeting considered a Los Angeles County copycat ordinance at the directive from Mayor
Antonio Villaraigosa that the Board order the Department of Animal Services to draft such an ordinance.   
Legislative Analyst report on Resolution to endorse AB 1634, 4/11/07
City Council Agenda Item 10, 4/17
City Council meeting.   New 4/13/07  Updated 4/17/07, LA City Council unanimous vote to
support AB 1634.  Only 4 opponents allowed to testify.  New 5/5/07 May 9, 2007 Full City Council Agenda item 27 is a
motion to draft MSN ordinance for dogs and cats over 4 mos consistent with AB 1634.  Mtg starts 10 a.m.
Updated 5/10/07 May 9 agenda item carried over to Friday, May 11 Council Mtg.
Continuation Agenda  
8/1/07 DAS GM Boks obtained Commission approval 7/23/07 to pursue additional sterilization, breeding/transfer,
microchip ordinance (LAMC) amendments and fee changes.  8/2/07 July 23, 2007 letter from Boks to City Council
requesting ordinance amendment requiring dog/cat microchip on redemption from shelter.
 8/3  July 26, 2007 letter from
Boks requesting ordinance amendments to spay or neuter any animals taken in or subject to enforcement and to
require microchipping of any animal to obtain a valid breeding permit and to strengthen breeding and transfer
regulation, and other related enabling modifications.  8/10 Referred to Council Pub. Safety Com.; waived and referred to
City Council,
8/14/07 Agenda Items 43 & 44, request City Atty to draft ordinances per 7/23 & 7/26 letters.   8/11 Reference:
LAMC Sections
53.11-14, Impounds; 53.15.2.  Breeding And Transfer Of Dogs And Cats
LA City Council 2007 Complete Contact List   8/14  City Council refers 43 & 44 to Public Safety Committee for hrngs.
2008  1/14/08 Commission Mtg, Boks' update on development of
"Transfer Permit" ordinance.  1/28/08 Commission Mtg,
Boks' proposal for
MSN ordinance, also before the City Council Public Safety Committee 1/28.  2/1/08 Friday City Council
Agenda Item 9 (p 6), MSN ordinance as above, MSN dogs/cats at 4 mos.; public hearing held last year, File is subject
February 4 deadline for action.  2/1/08 MSN ord. passed City Council 1st reading 10-1 (4 absent).  
2/5/08 MSN ordinance returns to City Council for second vote, Friday, February 8 agenda, postponed to:  2/9/08
Supplemental Agenda,  2/12/08, 10 a.m.   2/12/08  File
07-1212 passed 14-1 (Rosendahl)     
NEW 3/10/08
Integrated text LAAMC 53.15.2 as amended 2000, with newly enacted amended LAMC Sec. 53.15.2(b)
Presented and approved at 4/14/08 Commissioners Mtg:   
Solicitation of Qualified Dog and Cat Registries and
Associations for Approval of Exemption from Spay or Neuter Requirements.  Terms and conditions are inconsistent with
the scope of any existing dog or cat registry.  5/27/08 City Controller Laura Chick released the
Audit of Revenues and
Expenses at the DAS.    8/20/08
City Controller Laura Chick released Performance Audit of the DAS's Spay & Neuter
Program with conclusions and recommendations.  8/27/08  Commission 8/25/08 meeting approved 3 of the initial 4
registry applicants, AKC, UKC and TICA, and will request more information from ARBA.  
9//5/08  LAAS
Spay/Neuter Ordinance Page Grace period ends 10/1/08 Info & forms only available English/Spanish.
1/12/13 Changes to LAMC MSN/Breeding provisions proposed by Board of Animal Services Commission in 2012; Council
Personnel & Animal Welfare Ctte Recommendation 8/13/12.   8/28/12 City Council Action;  City Attorney Report to Council
including proposed language, 1/2/13.  1/15/13 Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee continued item to/for a date to
be determined.  
5/24/13 Revised Draft Ordinance returned by City Atty to Committee.
06/04/2013 Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee approved as amended. 6/18/13 City Council adopted, 12-0 (3)
Final SN/Breeding ordinance amendment, effective 8/6/13.    File No. 12-1147
Letter from City Clerk, 6/28/13 re BSL-MSN for Pit Bulls, Chihuahuas to be drafted.  1/21/2015 File 13-1513 to increase
existing 3-cat limit for altered cats.  
Report from Brenda Barnette, GM, DAS   Motion  [Background, Expired File 10-0982
would have raised limits to 5 dogs, 5 cats.  
10/26/2010 Report from Brenda Barnette.]  2/14/15 File 13-1513 back on
agenda for 2/17/15 mtg, Personnel and Animal Welfare Committee,
Staff Report, 2/12/15 proposing increasing cat limit to
5 with "clowder" registration for higher numbers of altered indoor or contained pet cats.   
2/17/15 Continued 60 days.  
5/6/15 Staff Report, April 16, 2015.  4/21/15, Committee continues to a date to be determined. 9/3/15 Committee
unanimously approves recommendation to Council on 9/2/15.
Report, 8/28/15   9/19/15 City Clerk scheduled for 10/7/15
Personnel & AW Com Report to Council    

CITY OF PASADENA   The May 5, 2008 City Council Agenda includes a first reading of a breed specific ordinance enabled
by the
7/10/08  Council Public Safety Committee will hold a meeting on the BSL proposal (MSN at 8 weeks w/o
"breeding permit", AKC/UKC AmStaff/StaffyBull/APBT) on TUESDAY, July 15, 2008 at 4:00 p.m. at the Pasadena City Hall,
100 North Garfield Avenue, Pasadena, CA Room S038--City Hall Grand Conference Room (Basement).  
7/11/08 July 15,
2008 Agenda    7/15/08 Proceeding to full City Council, date pending.  7/16/08  Report to Public Safety Committee from
Takashi Wada, MD MPH, Director, Pasadena Public Health Department & Pasadena Humane Society (contractor)
Information for proposed ordinance change.  
7/12/13 2012 Council Public Safety Com. again considered BSL-MSN issue.  
Preliminary discussions,
7/16/12 and 8/6/12 minutes.  11/19/12 meeting discussion of BSL led to Pasadena Humane
Society (contractor) call for MSN "program"
minutes.  6/17/13 Public Safety Com included report for City Council calling
for MSN, dogs and cats + tethering ordinance.
 7/31/13 7/8/13 Council Meeting approved recommendation of Staff Report
Presentation (Powerpoint) - City Attorney to draft MSN, cats/dogs w/exclusions within 60 days, differential fee dog
license $60/+ altered.  
10/4/13 City Council Agenda, No. 9 10/7/13 1st reading, ordinance MSN dogs/cats >4mos, unaltered
licensed subject to qualifications, conditions, revocation available for DOGS ONLY (NOTE: language origin, LA County),
MSN on impound, dog breeding subject to kennel definitions, "Dog kennel" means any lot, building, structure,
enclosure or premises wherein 5 or more canine animals 4 months of age or older are kept or permitted to remain or
where any dog gives birth to 2 or more litters within a 12-month period and
Section 6.24.010,Kennels - requires long
distances from other residences.
1/24/14 City Council Agenda, 1/27/14 mtg Agenda Item 15, 1st Rdg MSN-BSL ordinance.  (Agenda links to 15
files of submitted correspondence and documents.)  By 5-3 vote, "table the first reading of this item to July 14, 2014, and
direct staff to return with options and recommendations on whether to pursue mandatory spay and neuter of Pit Bulls
and Pit Bull cross breeds or a more comprehensive mandatory spay and neuter of all dog and cat breeds, including a
complete report from the PHS regarding euthanasia data and statistics."
1/27/14 Minutes (see pages 8-10)  
7/11/14 City Council mtg, 7/14/14 Staff Report:  Item 18. MANDATORY SPAY/NEUTER ORDINANCE FOR ALL CATS AND DOGS
OVER SIX MONTHS OF AGE (7:30 pm or later): Direct City Atty to draft MSN all dogs/cats >6 mos, with exemption criteria,
fee differential >$60 more than altered.
8/21/14 Minutes, 7/14/14 Council
meeting, see pages 11-14.  10/3/14 Council, public meeting @6:30, 10/6/14 Agenda
Items 6  Exhibits 1,2 & Item 7
, attorney report, proposed ordinance, introduction of MSN ordinance for all dogs/cats.  10/7/14 Ord.
Introduced, passed 5-3 (Tornek, Kennedy & Robinson opposed.)  
10/24/14 City Council, 10/27/14 agenda item 19, second
reading of the
ordinance.   Code excerpts re dog kennels.   10/29/14 Council passed, 10/27/14 meeting.  

CITY OF WEST HOLLYWOOD  10/30/08 WeHo City Council Meeting, Monday 11/3/08 meeting will consider adopting a
resolution in opposition to commercial pet rental franchises and directing the Community Development Director to
amend land use regulations to establish prohibitions against the commercial “rental” of any pet within the City of West
Hollywood.  11/13/08  Resolution adopted, matter approved on Consent Cal, 11/3/08 Council Meeting.  2/13/09 WeHo
proposes a
resolution to support ban on fois gras.  4/5/09 4/6/09 City Council agenda item resolution to support state
"animal welfare" bills.  
9/3/09 WeHo 9/8 Council mtg, Item 2.Z. resolution "in support of proposed California animal
welfare legislation: AB1122” and item 2.AA  to study feasibility of providing animal services in or closer to WeHo, i.e.
changing contract jurisdiction LA Cnty to City of LA, including hiring consultant, establishing a task force.   
2/16/2010 City
Council unanimously approved an
ordinance prohibiting pet store sales of dogs/cats.  There are currently no such
stores in WeHo.  
6/20/10 6/21/10 CC Mtg agenda reports results re 9/8/09 Mtg (above), recommends new sheltering
agreement with Amanda Foundation, continuing contracts with County of LA & SPCA-la.

MENDOCINO COUNTY                                           ANIMAL CARE & CONTROL            

2/4/09 Council meeting, agenda item, consider intro "guardian" substitution amendment.  Details at Property

NEW 11/06  Individuals have developed a mandatory s/n - unaltered certificate (Santa Cruz model) for dogs and cats.  
The political prospects for this are uncertain.
 Animal Control is a division of the Sheriff's Department and has achieved
minimal euthanasia rates.   Current
Nevada County Humane Animal Control Ordinance

ORANGE COUNTY                          ORANGE COUNTY 34 CITY LINKS     2003-2004 Grand Jury Report
New 6/3/08 Orange County Grand Jury Report, "Is Orange County Going to the Dogs?" recommends MSN based on  
erroneous references to other jurisdictions.  

CITY OF CYPRESS (Northern county near LA Cnty, pop 50K) New 12/2/10 Nov 22, 2010 Council meeting Report about prior
resident complaints re "Pit Bulls" on Marion Avenue, reviewed OC Animal Care procedures to investigate dog
complaints, enforcement measures deemed effective if complaints are made.  Council will consider a BSL/MSN
ordinance in 2011.  
1/22/11 City Council Jan. 24, 2011 (Mon.) mtg. agenda Item 11 options to finalize proposed ord. OR
amend proposal AND/OR proceed with non-legislative measures.  
Staff Report   2009-10 AC Field Stats  
3//1/11 Council abandoned MSN proposal, directed staff to draft amendments to dangerous dog provisions, etc.  

City Council approved at its April 16, 2007 meeting approved a directive to staff (Keith
Bohr document) to research issues and costs to enact a Los Angeles County style ordinance (MSN, microchip including
dogs, cats and rabbits.)  (7 members, 5 yes, 1 no, 1 absent).    8/16/07 August 20, 2007 City Council agenda Item E9,
approval/authorization of the city's
contract with the County of Orange for animal services.  22 of the cities are involved
to some extend in this contract.  8/31/07  Pursuant to the April 16, 2007 City Council
minutes the September 4 Agenda
includes the
Staff Report for a possible "LA County" Mandatory S/N and microchip ordinance.  9/5/07 At its 9/4/07
meeting, the City Council voted 4 (Bohr, proponent; Green, Cook, Coerper) - 3 (Carchio, Hansen, Hardy) to proceed with
LA County-style MSN/Microchip ordinance, dogs AND CATS.  
11/1/07 Monday,
Nov. 5, 2007 City Council meeting agenda item G-2a. "Approve for Introduction Ordinance No. 3787
Amending Title 7 of the Huntington Beach Municipal Code (HBMC) by Adding Chapter 7.10 Relating to a Spay, Neuter and
Microchip Identification Program for Dogs and Cats".  11/6/07 After a lengthy, heated meeting, the Council took no vote
and expected to consider a modified proposal at a later date, possibly December 17.  12/10/07
Postponed to Tuesday, January 22, 2008.  1/4/08
 Postponed to first week of February.  2/2/08 February 4, 2008 Council
agenda Item
G-2b (city doc, all materials 1460kb)  ordinance  (redline): cat licensing, mandatory microchip for all dogs and
cats; dog/cat MSN at 6 mos. except entrants in approved event or members of approved club for breed to be licensed;
city business license required to advertise availability of any dog or cat for transfer and new
2/5/08  HB City Council 6-1 (Boehr abstain) rejected MSN, microchipping and cat licensing, approved lesser fee increase
to $93 unaltered dog license/$23 altered and the business license required to advertise transfer, to be re-drafted and
brought back at a later meeting.
 2/29/05 March 3 City Council Agenda Item G-2a, proposed ordinance to amend chapter
7.08 of the Huntington Beach Municipal Code relating to the licensing provisions of dogs and cats and adding the
requirement to display a business license number in any advertisement that offers dogs or cats for adoption, sale,
barter, or other transfer of ownership.  
3/18/08 March 17 City Council meeting, voted to align license fees with county
schedule and delete the business license requirement (above).   
Solicitation to Registries, qualifications for participation in MSN exemption process.  New  3/1/11 Many months process,
Council 2/22/11 introduce ordinance amendments to
allow 4th dog only if qualified service, etc. dog.  

Irvine 2/24/11 City Council, 2/22/11 meeting agenda considered recommendations from Mayor Mr. Sukhee Kang: 1)
prohibit store sales of dogs/cats w/time-limited grandfathering for the one such store; MSN on 3rd impound dogs/cats;
prohibits exotic animal performances and approved 4-1 (Lalloway) directing staff to draft an ordinance.  
3/3/11 Council
minutes extract 2/22/11, now includes MSN dogs/cats > 6 mos; 120 time frame.  

New 5/13/08
City of Laguna Woods, incorporated in 1999, is contained within the senior gated residential community of
Leisure World and itself contains 3 more senior communities, so that animals within the city are subject to both
ordinance as well as private regulation (rental rules, CC&Rs, HOA rules).  The average age of city residents is 78.  Animal
Services through contract with
Laguna Beach Animal Services.   5/20/08 Laguna Woods Blue Ribbon committee on
animal services is holding an open meeting at 10 a.m. Friday, May 16 in City Hall, 24264 El Toro Road to discuss animal
issues but had not initiated consideration of limits.
 4/18/09  Council passed MSN ordinance:  dogs/cats@6 mos.  4-1(Bert
Hack voting no).  Exemption for "Competition, Law Enforce, service, vet.   

RIVERSIDE COUNTY:                New URLs, 12/15/08          28 Cities
COUNTY OF RIVERSIDE is expected to consider a Los Angeles County copycat ordinance including cats.  According
to Robert Miller, Director, County of Riverside, Department of Animal Services, the draft ordinance is still at County
Counsel's and will not be available for review until it reaches the BOS agenda.  For local news, see the
Enterprise.  [The animal ordinance in effect in 2006 ncludes a $50 unaltered dog license and extensive other
provisions.  See 12/26/08 entry for later amendments.]    
Board of Supervisors   Riverside Animal Services  aborted a
series planned series of 4 community forums after one presentation on Saturday, June 3 at which a
"survey" was
collected from participants although the proposed ordinance was not available for review.  Click on the link for current
agency information and description of the ordinance.  DRAF
"Open Forums" on the proposed ordinances were held from July to October.  These separate ordinances have been
under review by County Counsel and expected to return in 2007
12/15/08  BOS 12/16/08
Agenda item 3.16 on the Policy Calendar (Presented for Block Approval; Supervisors have the
option of excluding discussion items from a master motion) presents for introduction ordinance amendments for
mandatory sterilization of both dogs and cats and mandatory microchipping, to be set for hearing January 13, 2009, 9:30
a.m. per public advertisement requirement.  
Updated 1/28/09, item passed unanimously.   Earlier in 2008, Ordinance 630,
as amended through 630.11 made amendments to Dogs & Cats .  Introduced Ordinance 630.12      would further amend
these provisions.  
630.12 amendments integrated into 2008 ordinance.  Amended and passed, 1/13/09 public hearing;
final adoption 1/27/09: effective 3/1/09.  4/5/13  Riverside County, AS Dir. Robert Miller requests SB861 ordinance, BOS
4/9/13 agenda.  Miller states 123 licensed "Pit Bulls" in county, Supe. Stone wants appropriate exemption for breeders,
Supe Benoit (disproportionate euth), Supe Jeffries, be careful using power of government to be so intrusive and setup
for failure w/o cities, need cities in stakeholder group for immediate buy-in, Miller cites Animal Commission (Benoit) and
Jnt Pow Auth, admits a lot of cities did not adopt last s/n ord. 8 yrs ago, Supe Ashley we need to lead cities with model
ordinance.  Miller, we do not look at LA as model, too burdensome, prefer secondary enforcement, use of other tools
but multi-prong, doesn't know when it will be ready.  pass 5-0, proceed to draft ordinance.
4/10/13    10/11/13 Ordinance
introduced by BOS, 9/24/13 meeting, set for hearing, unanimously passed 10/8/13.  Requires sterilization of all covered
"pit bulls" other than minimal exemptions and currently licensed dogs w/owners qualifying as "registered breeders"
(kennel permit if >4 dogs; rabies vaccination; business license; BOE Seller Permit.) 10/15/13

CITY OF BANNING (pop 28k apprx) 3/10/11  Banning City Council 2/22/11 Council Mtg received a staff report, held a public
hearing, 3/8/11 adopted Beaumont (see Beamont, below) copycat ordinance due to contractual animal services
relationship.  Action includes
Banning ordinance, Banning penalties and Beaumont reference ordinance.  

CITY OF BEAUMONT (Pop 30,000)  Reference ordinance (Ord. 935, adopted 4/08) prior to fall 2009 ADOPTING amending
Ordinances 960 (MSN, microchip, related items/hearings) and
961, zoning, (see 10/20 minutes below).  10/6/09 Police
Chief Frank Coe, City Council
presentation of "mandatory spay neuter" ordinance patterned on 2009 state SB 250, MSN
only if found in violation of another law, other changed, 4-0
approved w/amendment, if cat impounded twice in 6 mos,,
mandatory microchip.   10/20/09 Council 4-0 (
minutes extract)  adopted 960 (final version) as amended, however final cat
microchip provision differed: only if cat impounded for redemption, i.e. not field citation.  Dogs microchip at 4 mos.  

CITY OF LA QUINTA  (pop 39,964 est 2014)  (non-hispanic white 63.1%)  resort city  

CITY OF RIVERSIDE (Pop 2015, 322,424)  City Council Public Safety Committee on March 19, 2007 (Agenda) heard a citizen
oral presentation requesting imposition of limits on numbers of pets.  
3/19/07 Committee Minutes  Press Coverage  
3/25/07   6/4/10 City Council Land Use Committee considered/approved MSN, Microchip, MSN secondary to animal
violations, 4 dog/9 cat limit, grandfather up to 20 years, new permit system - to Council.  
Press coverage 6/3/10    Staff
Report: Public Works 6/3 Draft Ordinance  Part 1 - Definitions   Part 2 - Residential & Commercial Kennels
Part 3 - Spay, Neuter & Microchip    Public Works Dept Presentation Pgs 1-6   Pgs 7-12   Pgs 13-18   NEW FILES 6/6/10 6/11/10  
City Council agenda, Tuesday, June 15 AS PUBLISHED, Discussion Calendar, Item 1 immediately following
3 pm start time of meeting.  
Staff Report 6/15    Proposed Amendments   6/17/10  CC unanimously passed June 15 agenda
item resolution to introduce ordinance, waive 1st reading, 2nd reading June 22, 2010.  
Press Coverage    
6/19/10 City Council Agenda 6/22/10, Item 51, Adopt Ordinance, Waive further rdg, Regular Agenda begins 6:30 pm.
10/24/13 City Council 10/22/13 Mtg Agenda Item 16 Report, Ordinance Video  Introduced, unanimous, pass.  
3/8/17 City Planning Commission Agenda, March 9, 2017, 9 am, Discussion Item 5, Workshop, potential animal ordinance
amendments proposed by City staff, recommending City of Long Beach model (see above under County of LA section.)
3/9/17 documents:  
Staff Report  Presentation  Video of 3/9/17 Planning Commission Workshop 3/17/17     

SACRAMENTO COUNTY:   NEW 3/24/10  Public Meetings Page  
UPDATED 5/17/07
COUNTY OF SACRAMENTO where an activist coalition has been plotting a high-fee ordinance
($200 unaltered)  for the last  year held a workshop with the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday,
February 21st  to advance its "Animal Overpopulation Ordinance" into the legislative process as the first step of its plan
to enact ordinances throughout the region.   The Board unanimously directed staff to proceed with developing an
Read the Coalition to Stop Animal Overpopulation's proposal and Workshop Presentation.     Contact the
Sacramento County Board of Supervisors and ask them to reject this proposal.  
County BOS site.  The Sacramento Area
Animal Coalition
Sacramento Shelter Statistics 2000-2003 showing the City of Sacramento, County of Sacramento and
private Sacramento SPCA in spreadsheet format with area totals and including 2004.  The proposal is mandatory s/n or
$150 unaltered licensed with breeding rights or a reduced fee of $50 without breeding rights for registered with either
registry title or registry sanctioned event participation in previous 12 months.   Contacts above.  Existing
County Animal law and license fees.     Sacramento County Animal Care & Regulation.   Comments re proposal and
existing ordinance.  July 18 BOS
Agenda lists at 2:30 p.m. Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic and at  3:00 p.m. -- Animal
Overpopulation Ordinance (All) (Animal Care and Regulation) (2/21/06, #43) THIS ITEM WAS CONTINUED AUGUST 1,
TUESDAY, 3:30 p.m.
 The July 18 agenda package (click on links on agenda) contains the proposed ordinance formatted
by County Counsel to be integrated into existing law and the staff document rationalizing the proposal as a panacea for
shelter ills and revenue generator.  TAC opposition
letter.   The August 2 (Wednesday) agenda includes a review of
department programs in the morning and the pound seizure issue in the afternoon.  Access agendas and materials from
the BOS link.  8/1 BOS heard a presentation by staff and began public testimony before continuing the matter to
Tuesday, 8/15, 3:00 p.m. to continue testimony and hear followup from staff to Supervisors' questions.  8/15 BOS took
additional testimony and directed staff to develop a facilitated process to bring opposing stakeholders to consensus for
presentation January 16, 2007 at 2:00 p.m.  1/10/07 Jan. 16 Agenda (2-2:15 pm) Report Back On The Animal
Overpopulation Ordinance (All) (Animal Care and Regulation) (8/15/06, #39)  (NOTE:  THIS ITEM WAS CONTINUED TO
FEBRUARY 27, 2007 AT 2:30 P.M.)
 2/21/07 To be continued to Tuesday, April 17, 2007, 2:30 pm per 2/27 agenda.  
Introduced on unanimous vote per
4/17/07 Summary
(Item 73).  Staff Memo; Facilitator's Report; Fee Schedule; Strike-though Ord; Finalized Ordinance  
5/17/07 BOS final vote 5/8/07 Agenda, Item 31, passed 4-1 (Roberta McGlashan)  
3/18/2010 BOS 3/23/10 Tuesday mtg, 10:00 A.M. -- "Introduction Of An Ordinance Requiring Veterinarians To Report
Rabies Vaccinations To The Department Of Animal Care And Regulation; Waive Full Reading Of The Ordinance And
Continue To April 6, 2010 For Adoption (Animal Care And Regulation)"  
Staff Report    Ordinance   
3/24/10 BOS Continued to workshop on Animal Care and Regulation, 4/14/10, 3:30 p.m.  4/16/10 passed 4-1 (McGlashan),
continued to 5/4/10 for final adoption.  4/29/10 Bos 5/4/10 Agenda Item 37, final adoption rpt ord.,  New support doc,
(Teaching Everyone Animals Matter) charitable supporting organization for County shelter.  5/2/10 BOS 5/4 Mtg
continued this matter to July 27, 2010.  7/22/10 BOS Agenda, 7/27/10 Mtg, Item 27 - final adoption
7/3010 Continued to August 24, 2010 at 11:15 a.m. (the Tuesday mtg.)  8/20/10 BOS Agenda 8/24/10, Item 53, 11:15 am,
"NOTE:  THE FOLLOWING ITEM WILL BE CONTINUED" (requires Board action): contd to 10/5/10 @ 11 am.  
9/30/10 Tuesday, 10/5/10 BOS Agenda item 31, 11 a.m. Adoption Of An Ordinance Requiring Veterinarians To Report
Rabies Vaccinations To The Department Of Animal Care And Regulation  
10/11/10  Continued to November 9,
2010 at 10:45 a.m.:
11/11/10 continued to December 7, 2010, 11 A.M. 12/2/10 Staff Report recommends deferring Vet
Rpting Ord to Feb. 2012  while the new
Sacramento Regional Licensing Application Form (mutli-jurisdiction) is
implemented and compliance rates compared to projected rates from  rpting ord.
12/10/10 BOS unanimous: drop ord.
from agenda, directed quarterly reports on implementation of the Regional Licensing Application Program.

Updated 1/18/07 City of Rancho Cordova December 18, 2006 City Council meeting included a new animal ordinance to fit
the city's development following its incorporation and initial use of Sacramento County provisions.  Considerable
authority is given to the "Neighborhood Services Supervisor".  Michael Rodriquez (formerly of Stanislaus County) is the
Animal Services Manager and has been a frequent witness in favor of state bills in 2006.  On 12/18 the council
unanimously waived the first reading and introduced the ordinance; January 16, 2007 agenda, second reading.   

CITY OF SACRAMENTO  City Council approved February 20, 2007 agenda Consent Calendar, Item 13, a Sacramento
County style hi-fee unaltered
ordinance amendment newly imposing cat licensing, sales restrictions and a new
administrative penalty provision, having advanced through the
Animal Care Citizens Advisory Committee and the City
Council Law and Legislation Committee.  City Council
Contact Information   Adopted at the 2/20/07 meeting was
Resolution No. 2007-110 expressly giving authority to enforce listed state and local code sections through citation and
arrest to named animal control officers.   At the February 27 City Council meeting, no action was taken but , the Council
was disinterested in hearing speakers and voted to vote the matter at a future time without additional public testimony.   
Item 11  March 20, 2007 City Council Item 13, passed.
Animal Care Citizens Advisory Committee Minutes: 1/07   2/07     
City of Sacramento Animal Services    New License Fees  

SAN BENITO COUNTY   2 cities, county operated shelter   
City of Hollister   City Council May 3, 2010 Mtg Agenda included a report from Police Chief and City Attorney on a state
enabled BSL-MSN ordinance.
 NEW 5/7/10    9/30/10 City Council Mtg, Mon, Oct 5, 2010 Agenda: introduction of amended
BSL-MSN ordinance classifying bull breeds, Chihuahuas, mixes thereof as "restricted breeds" subject to mandatory
sterilization unless exempt or holding unaltered dog certification.  
Staff Report    Proposed Ordinance  
10/5/10 Cty Council interested in MSN all dogs, cats.  11/7/10  Council Mtg Mon 10/16, passed ord as introduced, 3-2
(ayes, Friend, Emerson, Sanchez; noes, Gomez, Valdivia)

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY:  Corrected 6/10/10   
6/21/10  County BOS Agenda 6/22/10 Staff Report recommending breed specific ("Pit Bulls" as defined) mandatory
ordinance exempting AKC/UKC/national registry/law enforcement or service dogs/used for breeding at
licensed breeding kennel; read, continue to July 13, 2010.  
6/23/10 BOS adopted, continued to 7/13/10 w/direction.
6/25/10 Board direction, "The Board directs the department to bring an ordinance for mandatory spay or neuter of all
dogs in the near future."  
7/11/10 July 13, 2010 BOS Mtg Item 85 (Ordinances) staff recommends final adoption on
Consent Calendar.  
7/14/10 Passed on Consent Calendar, 4-0 (Ovitt absent) at July 13, 2010 BOS Meeting.  
11/7/10 - BOS has approved contract with PayPal for payment of dog license and other animal program fees.  
9/12/11 8/23/11 intro, 9/13/11 adoption, ordinance mandating MSN dog over 4 mos if owner violates any state/local law re
owner obligations unless vet/listed exemptions, subject to appeal of denial; MSN on impound unless owner qualifies for
vet/listed exemptions.      
Staff Report           Ordinance       3/27/12  BOS directs staff to to research and create a
framework for establishing an animal services commission to function as an oversight & recommendation body, to
include a citizen representative component from each supervisorial district in addition to an independent veterinarian
and a representative from the Department of Public Health’s Animal Care & Control Division, and include a 5-year sunset
review date.  
Staff Report  

HESPERIA  2014, City has been considering ordinance changes including breeding regulation.   August 19, 2014 City
Council meeting
removed breeding permit from ordinance passed.  Staff to work further.   

SAN BERNARDINO City Council on 3/5/07 approved a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance for dogs, only, one of seven
council members opposed.  Exceptions are for dogs used by law enforcement, veterinary excuses and dogs registered
with The American Kennel Club, the United Kennel Club or other national registry AND either have competed in a show
or competition in the prior 365 days OR attained a specified type of title from such a registry.  Failure to meet any of
these conditions as well as a verified, written complaint that the owner allowed the dog to run loose or escape; owner
has violated any animal law or the dog has been determined dangerous will result in revocation or denial of an
unaltered dog license.  Existing unaltered dog licenses are $60.00.  Cat licensing is voluntary, and cats are not included
in the new ordinance.  
Staff report and ordinance.  NEW 3/10/07


Chula Vista NEW 2/26/12 City Council, Tuesday, 2/28/12 meeting agenda includes an action item, Staff presentation of
proposed animal ordinance amendments nothwithstanding many advisory meetings since fall '11 with citizens,
recommending intro/waive first reading:  "ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF CHULA VISTA REVISING TITLE 6 ANIMALS OF THE
Staff Report 2/28/12   CV Existing Ordinance      
Chula Vista Proposed Ordinance, 2/28/12    3/1/12 @2/28 Mtg Some contentious items removed, further action pending:
3/13/12 Council
Agenda item 3, Ordinance, Second Reading, for adoption. Staff email: "The pet housing requirements for
pet sellers was removed.  The reptile provision was modified as requested by the reptile representatives. The seeing
eye dog provisions for food establishments was changed to service animals."  
3/13/12 Council adopted ordinance, 2nd reading, rejected requests to postpone, continue stakeholder input.  
9/12/12 @9/11 Council mtg, additional ordinance amendment approved with minor changes; 2nd rdg, Tues, 9/25/12.
10/2/12 FINAL ordinance passed 4-1 on Tuesday, 9/25/12.    

IMPERIAL BEACH introduced amendments to its animal ordinance featuring an "owner/guardian" substitution with the
intent to place on owners a "higher burden" and definition: "“Owner/guardian" means any person, other than a
veterinarian or operator of a kennel, who owns, keeps, or harbors an animal for at least fifteen (15)days. If an animal has
more than one owner/ guardian then all such persons jointly and severally responsible for the duties imposed on an
owner/guardian in this Chapter."  updated 7/7  At its July 5 meeting, the Imperial Beach City Council unanimously passed
the guardian proposal.   Second and final passage July 19, 2006.   

Oceanside    Pop 2012: 171,293 (100% urban, 0% rural)   City Council: 1/7/15 agenda report, discussion, possible intro ordinance to
regulate retail sale of cats/dogs.  
Staff Report    1/5/15   Council introduced ordinance with one word change, "born" on
premises instead of "bred" in non-commercial breeder exemption (not definition), 3-2 vote.  
1/10/15 Council Mtg 1/21/15,
Agenda Item 21, adoption of modified ordinance.  Staff Report, 1/21/15.  1/18/15    

SOLANA BEACH Pop 13,449  July, 2015  Affluent beach community   4/13/16 City Council Member Lesa Heebner requested, approved,
City Manager to agendize pet store sale ban ordinance.
5/25/16 City Council meeting received a staff report and citizen
support, approved going forward, anticipated 6/22/16 meeting.
5/25 Item Video  6/21/16 Agenda, 6/22/16 meeting, Item C.-
C.1 Introduce (1st Reading) Ordinance 461 Regulating Retail Pet Sales;
Staff Report including draft ordinance.  
7/28/16  July 13, 2016 City Council approved ordinance 5-0; July 13, 2016 Staff Report.    

VISTA  Pop 98,000. 2014
8/24/15  City Council agenda item, Aug 24, 2015 meeting, proposed ordinance: pet store sales ban or w/breeder
provision. 8/26/15 Deferred for study; return in September.  9/23/15 Council passes prohibition of retail store sales
except rescue/adoptions, 3-2 vote.

CITY AND COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO made 3 separate amendments to its animal ordinance in late 2005 including
spay/neuter and breeding regulations specifically for Pit Bulls.    San Francisco Commission on Animal Control and
Welfare meets monthly, second Thursday except December, City Hall.  
Agendas, Minutes & More
Lawmaking body is Board of Supervisors, 11 members, elected by district.  2/11/2017 Ordinance to restrict pet shop
sales to only Animal Care or Rescue sources of dogs or cats, BOS Agenda 2/14/17, passed 11-0, Supes Farrell, Cohen
reqest addition as co-sponsors.  
2/16/17                                 C&CSF Board of Supervisors link.  

7/13/06 CITY OF LODI on July 5 approved dog and cat license fee and other shelter fee increases despite an estimate
of only 15.6% compliance.  Unaltered licenses rise from $20 to $50 and altered from $6 to $10.  Low cost s/n vouchers for
low income residents were also approved.  The Lodi Record reports that license fee increases will not take effect until
February 1, 2007.   Lodi, which has its own animal shelter, is one of 7 cities in San Joaquin County (population estimated
613,500):  Escalon, Lathrop, Lodi, Manteca, Ripon, Stockton, and Tracy.

CITY OF MANTECA    Manteca Animal Services    City Contact Directory   Manteca City Council Meeting, 8/18/08 agenda
item C.2, Police Chief's recommendation to introduce CA SB 861 (2005) enabled breed specific "pit bull" ordinance:
Introduced, passed first reading.  (See Ripon, below for model.)  9/2/08 Council
Agenda Item No. A.07 (page 19 of PDF
doc) waive final reading and adopt ordinance.  9/3/08 Ordinance adopted, 5-0.  9/5/08
3/14/09 March 17, 2009 Council agenda Item C.1, introduce MSN ordinance for ALL dogs.  4/6/09 Council Agenda Police 1.
CC Waive 1st rdg/introduce Ord 1434, msn all dogs/microchip redeemed dogs/cats,
Staff Report.  3/14/09 minutes
extract    4/16/09 Confirming 4/7/09  minutes, Council vote 4-0, oppose intro of MSN ord.

Updated 1/25/08
CITY OF STOCKTON at the 9/11/07 City Council meeting passed a number of ordinance changes and
fee increases ($100 unaltered dog/cat licenses, 1/2 rate Seniors over 55 & microchip required) expected to be enacted
by the County, as well.  
Stockton City/San Joaquin County Shelter  

UPDATED 9/11/06
CITY OF RIPON  August 15 City Council  introduced a SB 861 enabled ordinance based on the original
San Francisco version but adding Bull Terriers and Miniature Bull Terriers.  
8/15/06 Minutes The ordinance was adopted
unanimously on September 5 and will be effective date October 5.  Copying SF wording resulted in use of the guardian
term in the proposal but is undefined and not in the existing municipal code.  

New 6/20/08  County Grand Jury Report, “Animal Shelter Services — What’s Going On,” June 2008

SAN MATEO COUNTY:            Historical San Mateo County POP Information

4/29/07  3 year extension of San Mateo County contract with Peninsula Humane Society.  County-20 Cities Contract.
7/10/11 April, 2011, BOS, 4 year extension of San Mateo County contract with Peninsula Humane Society/20cities, to June
30, 2015.   


January 10 & 24, 2006 Council Meetings City of Belmont is now considering its amendments to incorporate SMC
provisions into its animal ordinance.  Belmont was the first SMC city to enact the "Pet Overpopulation Ordinance" in
November, 1994, including substituting the SMC limit/fancier permit for no limit.  The ordinance was last amended in
2003 and has not updated its fee schedule (codified rather than set by resolution.)
City Attorney Report

City of Millbrae, one of 20 San Mateo County cities, enacting the County amended dangerous dog provisions revised
its entire animal ordinance.  Only Millbrae and East Palo Alto still had NO limit laws.  The new part time police chief
proposed a 3 dog/3cat limit with police issued permit for more and 4 of any other pet species with police issued permit
PLUS County "Pet Overpopulation" provisions and cat licensing and mandatory rabies vaccination.  Introduced as new
business on October 25, the matter was continued to the November 8 meeting.
Millbrae, California City Council agenda animal control material, October 25, 2005
October 25, 2005 Minutes for Animal Control Agenda Item

November 8, 2005 City Council Agenda "Addendum to Animal Control Staff Report" 11/1/2005
from Thomas R. Hitchcock, part time Chief of Police from Brisbane argued that numerical limits are reasonable; cat
licensing is "not crucial," but "Spaying/neutering is recommended by PHS precisely because they want to avoid
euthanasia."  He then incorrectly implied that the county ordinance was enacted in 1970.   The second page was
a list of
limits in SMC jurisdictions.   
"Addendum to Animal Control Staff Report"  
At the November 8 meeting, the Millbrae City Council introduced the new ordinance and passed it, 5-0.  
Millbrae City Council Minutes, November 3, 2005  The ordinance second reading was unanimously approved on the
Consent Calendar on November 22.  New 2/07/07   
Millbrae Cat law and regulations, 2006   New 3/21/07 Ordinance
New 6/11/07 City Council comments re Animal Control Contract Renewal   3/4/12 Midnight, last remnants of MPD, after 63
years - 8 Crown Vics and an F-150.  Not a surprising end.  SMC Sheriff's Department, in charge.  

CITY OF SAN CARLOS, another San Mateo County city that amended its limit law downward from 3 to 2 in conjunction
with the county dangerous animal amendment.  Existing law provided police department administered permits for
excess dogs or cats only for rescue purposes (up to 4 months) or "exigent circumstances" necessary for the health and
safety of the property owner or resident.  The new law, effective January 12, 2006, includes a $100 (established by
resolution) per animal permit for more than two dogs or two cats that go outdoors.   The ordinance copy was furnished
by the City Clerk.  Note that list of sections is not complete and some additional provisions from the prior San Carlos
ordinance are included, however, previous permit sections are repealed.  There are no breeding permits, cat
licensing/rabies or s/n on second impound provisions.  
San Carlos Ordinance - 2006


County Board of Supervisors  (5 members)         Animal Services  
3/26/08 As noted in Lompoc, below, County Animal Services Director Jan Glick favors "mandatory spay neuter" and a
draft proposal for the County has been developing for months.  4/28/08 AC has requested BOS agenda item for the May 6
meeting to receive a report and provide direction on the development of the MSN ordinance; authorize outreach efforts
for public input; and direct return and plan for implementation.  This was approved and set at the 4/22/08 BOS meeting,
sponsored by Supervisors Carbajal and Gray, motion by Wolf, second by Gray, unanimously carried.  
May 6, 2008
agenda.  5/7/08 Proposed action not adopted; BOS to appoint 11 member task force, 2 appointees per Supervisor (4) and
3 per Chair.  5/8/08
Extract 5/6/08 minutes, motion passed 4-1 (Firestone):  "Create a task force to include County staff
and selected members of the community/stakeholder groups (two members from the Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth
Supervisorial Districts, three members from the First Supervisorial District) and to return to the Board as appropriate
with proposed draft language for a spay/neuter ordinance."   7/29/08
Applications for the Task Force on Local
Spay/Neuter Ord. are due by Friday, July 25, 5 p.m.  
9/24/08 The
first meeting of the newly appointed Task Force was held today, 5:30 pm at the County Health Dept,  with
future meetings scheduled 10/8, 10/15, 11/5, 11/19, 12/3, 1/7, 1/21 at 3:30 pm.  The 10/15 and 11/19 meetings are to be in
Buellton at a yet to be determined location.   10/29/08 Spay Neuter Action Plan Meeting Agenda & Minutes 11/18 /08  
Remaining 2008 meetings cancelled due to Tea Fire.  Next meeting Wed.,  January 7, 2009.  2/5/09 Next meeting 2/18,
guest speaker Dr. John Hamil. 5/22/09 Next mtg, Wed., 5/27, 4-6 pm, BOS Conf Room, SB.  BOS Hearing Room, Santa
Maria. Teleconference site,    Finalizing task force project.   5/29/09 Task Force refers MSN, 6-5 vote, tie broken by Chair,
to County Counsel.  Task Force to meet in fall prior to BOS taking up revised ordinance.   9/25/09 Task Force Mtg 9/21/09
reviewed proposed ordinance, MSN: dogs/cats>6mos, vet exemption only, to BOS 10/20/09 to set hearing, anticipated
1st reading 11/3, 2nd reading 12/1.  9/29/09
Handout from 9/21/09 Task Force meeting (includes proposed ord.
provisions); minor changes approved at meeting, not yet available in print.  
11/15/09  BOS hearings culminated 11/10/09 meeting introducing/1st reading, directing further amendment of ordinance
Attachment 8 of Public Health Memorandum dated November 6, 2009 (drops licensing for altered cats), set for
second/final reading 12/1/09 BOS mtg.  Reference BOS documents:  10/20/09
Background on Pet Overpopulation (graphic
Department of Public Health Letter 10/20/09 - Spay Neuter Task Force Report and Recommendations    SB
County Animal Services Presentation 11/3/09   12/3/09  BOS adopts 3 ayes, 1 no, 1 abstain, amended ord/fees, effective
1/1/10: MSM dogs/cats >6 mos. unless combo unaltered/breeder license, requires vet. certificate, no disqualifications.  
No altered cat lic.  $250.00 penalty, failure to license.
12/7/10 Minutes   9/5/14 Revisions to Dangerous Dog ordinance
under review.  
11/3/14 BOS Mtg in Santa Barbara , 11/4/14 Dangerous dog, other ordinance revisions,1st reading,
November 3, 2014, 2nd rdg 12/2/14.
 Board Letter  Ord changes:  General    Dangerous Dogs    Presentation
11/6/2014 Board deferred action.  2/13/2017 Ord. No. 4948, 11-17-2015 revised the dangerous dog and other provisions
Presentation,) and cities contracting with the County for animal services have adopted these or will.      

CITY OF BUELLTON  New 3/18/11 [Pop. <5k, white/hispanic apprx 59%/36%]  City Council, 3/10/11 introduced, passed 4-0, County
of Santa Barbara MSN provisions.  County is the animal services contract provider.  

CITY OF CARPENTERIA  New 9/23/15  Pop 13,671, 48.7% hispanic/46.6% non-hispanic white)  City Council 9/14/15, public hearing on
dog/cat MSN w/exemptions, more, based on Ventura County model, passed 5-0.  
Staff Report.   Effective 7/1/2016, City
Info Sheet - CAUTION - DIFFERENT FROM REST OF SANTA BARBARA COUNTY        Ord. No. 704 , § 2, 12-14-2015  2/2017      

CITY OF GOLETA  April, 2012 City Council approved county-style ordinance, 4-1 vote.  Goleta Municipal Code link.  2/2017

CITY OF LOMPOC  Pop 44,164, 2015   NEW 5/4/06   City Council considered and continued recommendation "that the City
Council consider the future amendment of the Lompoc City Code’s animal control ordinances, to strengthen penalties
and control requirements for specific dog breeds exhibiting dangerous or potentially dangerous behavior toward
persons or other animals; and give appropriate direction to Staff."  
Lompoc Record
Updated 9/21/06 The City Council introduced and passed 4-1 an ordinance, redrafted in accordance with Council
direction at its 9/5 meeting requiring sterilization of ALL dogs (rather than BSL), with some exception.  
9/19/06 Memo The
Staff Report had included a letter from Santa Barbara County Animal Services Director, Jan Glick, stating interest in
pursuing a Los Angeles County style ordinance for the entire county which provides animal services by contract to
Lompoc.  An
extensive report on the provision of animal services in Santa Barbara County was provided along with the
contract renewal.  Updated 9/30/06 October 3, City Council agenda, Consent calendar lists this ordinance with a
memo from Keefe stating effective date 11/3 with "rolling" 90--day grace period as dog licenses renew over 1st yr.   
5/26/07 Revised document links for ongoing reference.

CITY OF SANTA BARBARA  3/2/2010 City Council mtg, adopted motion to discuss County (see above) ordinance issues as
requested by 2 members, House, White.  6/25/10 City Council Special Ordinance Committee Meeting, Bendy White,
Ordinance Committee Chair 6/29/10 @ NOON, Council Chamber, discussing County-copy ordinance amendments.  
Passed, return to Council later.   8/20/10  City Council Ordinance Com. 8/24/10 Mtg 12:30 pm (prior to Council @ 2 pm)
Agenda recommends review draft language to amend animal ord. to require proof of veterinary counseling to license
unaltered dog and implement licensing all cats,
Draft Vet. Cert. ; 8/24/10 Staff Report.  
9/30/10 Tues., Oct. 5, 2010 City Council Mtg, 2 p.m. Agenda Item 5, introduce new ordinance re "City Licensing
Requirements for the Keeping of Dogs and Cats Which Have Not Been Spayed or Neutered and Imposing a New
Licensing Requirement for Unaltered Cats."  
Staff Report        Ordinance Draft  Scheme parallel's County with
unspecified surcharges to be set by annual resolution.  To be reviewed 3 years after adoption.  10/11/10 City Council
Mtg, Tues, October 12, 2010, 2 pm, Item 3, Adoption of
Ordinance  12/2/10 Dec 7, 2010 City Council agenda: proposed new
license fee schedule dogs, adding unaltered cats per ordinance, by Resolution.  Note, 8/1/10 Police Department contract
with Irving, Texas based
PetData commenced for license issuance.  7/7/11 City Council 7/12/11 agenda item, approve
Animal Control Shelter Services Agreement With The County Of Santa Barbara $274,401.

CITY OF SANTA MARIA   Pop 105,000+    June 2016, Santa Maria City Council adopted a "Responsible Pet Owner" ordinance
based on the County version, as updated (County dangerous dog restrictions alternate to euthanasia if determined
viscious,) and some adjustments.
 6/7/16 Staff Report  6/7/16 minutes, hearing, vote.    Requires annual unaltered animal
license with veterinary certificate, includes breeding license, subject to requirements and restrictions, for all unaltered
dogs as well as cats, not otherwise required to be licensed.  
2/7/17 City Council declines consideration of pet store
ordinance to restrict pet sales.  

CITY OF SOLVANG  Pop 5741, 2016        Enacted county provisions for unaltered dog and cat licenses, 2011.  

Application for Animal Advisory Commission
Save Our Fairgrounds    Yahoo Group, county fairgrounds re-development issues before BOS       New 11/21/07  Santa
Clara County Animal Ordinance Board of Supervisors on April 25, 2006 voted 3-2 to approve a "Guardian" ordinance
substituting "owner/guardian" for owner.  Staff Report, 4/25/06.    ORDINANCE.  Final adoption, May 2, 3-2 vote.   New
5/20/08  On May 8,  2008 the BOS Legislative Committee (Kniss, Yeager) approved a Resolution of Support for (2007) CA
AB 1634 based soley on support materials for the bill as heard in committee last July without vote.  Minutes The Santa
Clara County BOS had been listed as a supporter last year without recorded board action.  The current recommendation
is expected to be on the June 3 BOS agenda.  5/28/08 June 3, 2008, BOS Agenda Item 28 includes the request for
approval of the Resolution of Support for AB 1634,as amended 7/3/07.  6/3/08 BOS Resolution approved 3 (McHugh,
Alvarado, Yeager) - 2 (Gage, Kniss)  8-9/10 BOS refers SB861 enabled BSL-MSN proposal to Animal Commission for
consideration: on
agenda 9/16/10 Thu, 6:30 pm.  2/8/11 2/17/11 Commission agenda, review data/info re "pit bulls", bite
data, possible BSL-MSN, other proposals, including amendments to dangerous dog ordinance.  3/25/11 Commission

UPDATED 6/27/07 CITY OF SAN JOSE   "San José Animal Care & Services  hosted its 3rd Town Hall Meeting  on  
July 27th, 2006.  "You are cordially invited to participate in a meeting to discuss ACS recommended changes to the City
of San Jose's current animal ordinances.  These ordinances will directly effect the community and some changes may
also impact rescue groups.  The agenda will include a summary of recommended ordinance changes along with Q & A.  If
time permits other issues of  interest may be addressed at this meeting as well.  Hope to see you there.  Sincerely, Jon
Cicirelli, Deputy Director - SJ Animal Care & Services".  Cicirelli is a director of the California Animal Control Directors
Association (
CACDA) of which Marcia Mayeda (LA County) is current president and other board members include Pat
Claerbout of Sacramento County and Rob Miller of Riverside County, all with recent or current legislative activity.  At
that meeting, a
4-page memorandum was distributed describing but omitting many details of proposed changes to the
Municipal Code including a "guardian" provision and "mandatory spay/neuter" of the single permissible unaltered dog
or cat (current law) based on provisions similar to County of Los Angeles (enacted) and County of Sacramento
(proposed) as well as being "treated as a commercial breeder".  
San Jose City Council         San Jose Municipal Code - Title 7 - Animals       2005 San Jose Euthansia Statistics
San Jose Animal Care and Services (SJACS) Program Bi-Annual Update, dated 12/4/06
3/12/07  April 10, 2007 is the latest target date for proposed ordinance amendments to reach the City Council.  Sunshine
Ordinance requires final draft to be available online at least 10 days prior to Council date.
Draft ordinance.  No MSN provisions; changes from current ordinance (above) are not indicated.  
April 10, 1:30 p.m.  City Council chambers, San José City Hall, 200 East Santa Clara St., San Jose, CA 95113
Staff Memorandum dated March 21, 2007, analyzing proposed changes with recommendations.  
4/9/07 Amended agenda for 4/10 Council mtg. , Item 5.2 "Recommended deferral to 5/1/07 in the evening, perMinutes
Attachment ordinance     4/19/07  Memorandum from Jon Cicirelli, Deputy Director, Animal Care and
Services summarizing “significant” changes.  4/27/07  
May 1, 2007, 7 p.m. Council Agenda    Supplemental Attachment  
(2508 KB file, table referencing changes, additional technical amendments red-lined)  Approve ord. & infraction list.
Memorandum of Councilmember Pete Constant re Agenda Item 5.2, detailing his proposed amendments.
5/2/07 Proposed ordinance being amended, to return in June.  5/6/07 See Specific items listed in
Agenda Synopsis.
6/12/07 Revised
ordinance set for consideration, 6/19/07 Council Agenda (evening).  City Attorney memorandum explains
changes.  6/19/07 Ordinance with "guardian" provisions passed, First Reading.  6/27/07
Synopsis of amendments passed
6/19; final adoption 6/26.  Animal Care
Bi-Annual Update to Neighborhood Services Com, 6/14.

City of Watsonville   City Council August 26, 2008 agenda Item 8.2 reviews options to increase controls over dangerous
Staff Report.  8/26/08  City Council rejected pursuing breed specific approach and will develop other options.  

SOLANO COUNTY:  Board of Supervisors on April 25, 2006 introduced and passed 5-0 an ordinance to prohibit "open
field coursing" as defined in an earlier version of state legislation, AB 2110, as a misdemeanor crime.
(See AB 2146, bill dropped, but analyses include state law issues applicable to local regulation of hunting.)  

SONOMA COUNTY:  (2006) ANIMAL WELFARE ADVISORY COMMITTEE will hear and take comment on proposed animal
regulation revisions -- including breed specific s/n of Pit Bulls with limited exceptions including AKC or UKC registration
and "trained or kept for the purpose of shows, field trials and agility trials."  Dangerous and vicious provisions
amendments follow San Mateo County model."  Documents are available at  or
The Board of Supervisors hearing was held Tuesday, April 18, 2006, and finally adopted at the April 25 BOS meeting:  
"AGRICULTURAL COMMISSIONER - 33.  County Animal Regulation Ordinance Amendment Ordinance amending Chapter 5
of the Sonoma County Code, the Sonoma County Animal Regulation Ordinance, with respect to potentially dangerous
and vicious animals (Ready for
Adoption)  + Authorize the Chairman to send letters to the cities encouraging similar
ordinances."   8/8/2007 Sonoma County BOS will be setting for hearing on Aug. 28, 2007 at 2:15 p.m. a resolution
increasing fees and adding new fees for Animal Care and Control Division.  8/17/07 B
OS Consent agenda includes
approval of renewal of 1 yr contract w/2 options for 1 yr renewal for shelter vet services with John Strathman, DVM., not
to exceed $104,325 for FY 2007/08.  
8/4/09  BOS to Review the Animal Care and Control Strategic Plan and accept new
Mission and Vision Statements; Accept
report and staff recommendations on implementation of management audit
recommendations.  Note, Cathy V. Neville, new Director, Animal Care & Control Division, as of 7/14/09.  Reference:  
Sonoma County 2008-09 Grand Jury Report;  2006 Management Review

City of Cloverdale     City of Cotati      CIty of Healdsburg provider Sonoma Humane Society
City of Petaluma:  Petaluma Animal Services

City of Rohnert Park   Rohnert Park Animal Shelter  City Council unanimously approved an SB 861 authorized ordinance
requiring sterilization of all "Pit Bulls."  
Ordinance 752 is effective March 14, 2006.  No opposition was reported.  Rohnert
Part also has a guardian provision in its
current ordinance.   

City  of Santa Rosa on September 5, 2006 considered a County parallel ordinance including BSL provisions, but the
Council deferred action and directed the City Attorney to draft a number of more stringent provisions.  
9/5 Minutes
Updated 10/18/06  The
revised ordinance was introduced and passed on October 17.   

City of Sebastopol   provider Sonoma Humane Society                City of Sonoma

Town of Windsor on June 21, 2006 introduced and passed a Sonoma county type ordinance requiring spay/neuter of
"Pit Bulls".  New, 9/11/06

STANISLAUS COUNTY   Stanislaus County Code - Title 7 Animals  updated 3/15   Stanislaus County Animal Services
*County pop. over 500K, growing 2% annually; 9 incorporated cities:  Ceres  Hughson  Modesto Newman  Oakdale  Patterson   Riverbank  Turlock  
Waterford  (Note: Turlock & Oakdale have city animal control/shelters) ;        unincorporated Stanislaus County includes: Bret Harte  Bystrom  Del Rio   
Denair   East Oakdale   Empire   Grayson   Hickman  Keyes   Riverdale Park   Salida   Shackelford    West Modesto    Westley

Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors by 3-2 vote in 2005 enacted $100 dog license with qualifying discount, and $100
litter permits for both dogs and cats based on the San Mateo County model plus City of Los Angeles provisions.   BOS
on August 1, 2006 introduced and approved 4-1, Mayfield voting no (first vote)
ordinance amendments recommended by
new Director Michael McFarland to eliminate the provision for a 3-citizen panel comprising "Animal Court" as an
administrative forum to be replaced with a rotating panel of attorney hearing officers and designate this as the
administrative body to hear potentially dangerous/dangerous dog petitions rather than the judicial procedure provided
by state law.   A Modesto Bee article of 12/6/06 reports, "In an effort to reduce the use of euthanasia by 45 percent over
the next five years, McFarland suggests that the county require all dogs and cats older than 6 months to be sterilized."   
(Note, McFarland left position in late 2007.)  
New 7/6/08  
Stanislaus County Grand Jury 2007-08, Report No. 08-07 concluded that the Animal Services
Department was on track to complete the needed adequate facility and continue funding of s/n services.
Stanislaus County Animal Services -
Fiscal Year Statistical Spreadsheet 1987 - December 2007
The BOS has set Tuesday, July 15 at 6:35 p.m. for introduction of ordinance to change license and Animal Services fees,
notably unaltered dog license from $100 to $150.                       
Item 22-B (entire file)  2675kb   
Individual items of general interest:      
Staff Report     2008 Fee Schedule    Dog License Monthly Comparison Chart    
Comparison Survey:  Dog License & Reclaim/Impound Fees    
Comparison Survey: Adoption, Quarantine, Board, Microchip, Owner Surrender & Vaccination Fees    
7/18/08 Introduction/waived first reading fee ordinance, unanimous;
3/3/15 Stanislaus County Title 7 was revised in 2013.  Check current code for citations.  

TULARE COUNTY   POP 397k+  Dinuba    Exeter   Farmersville    Lindsay    Porterville   Tulare   Visalia  Woodlake       

1/26/11 City of Visalia (Pop 93k) City Council, 1/24/11, Item 13 adopted resolution raising animal fees, $75 unaltered dog,
$250 breeder permit and more, approved by
Citizens Advisory Committee 1/12/11.  Animal Control contract service
provider is
Valley Oak SPCA.   Detailed Staff Report    (NOTE: County Code differs from Visalia Muni Code)

VENTURA COUNTY       2012 County Proposed Ordinance MSN "Pit Bulls": presented to cities (exempts AKC/UKC/"
other national registry; law enforcement; veterinary; ID under appeal).  
11/5/13 Ventura County BOS  Agenda Item 18,
proposed ord. amendments MSN/breeding permits, cats/dogs, commercial sales ban, more: rationale is "no kill" goal.  
Staff Letter.  Proposed Ordinance  (strikethrough version).  Hearing Video 11/5/13  
Passed 4-1 (Chair Peter Foy), w/minor amendment s/n age to 6 mos. See language in
11/5/13 minutes (6th page.)   






Port Hueneme

Santa Paula

Simi Valley  City Council, 3/26/12 Agenda item 7A, "Request for direction regarding an ordinance proposed by Ventura
County Animal Services requiring the spaying and neutering of pit bulls."  
Staff Memorandum   
3/26/12 Continued, insufficient information.  

Thousand Oaks

City of Ventura  

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